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The culture of Casino Pauma is to make guests feel at home, where they are known by name and treated in a warm, friendly manner every time they enter the casino. We are recruiting top candidates with outgoing personalities, the highest degree of integrity, and the willingness to become team members. We are seeking customer-oriented individuals who will surpass guest and co-workers expectations and are looking to cultivate upward mobility. See below for your role on our team.



Please note, Casino Pauma is an entertainment venue open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

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In submitting this application, I realize that my character, reputation for honesty, habits, ability, records of criminal conviction, if any, financial responsibility and reasons for leaving employment may be investigated and that persons who know me, now and/or in the past, may be contacted and questioned about me to which I hereby give consent. It is the policy of Casino Pauma to consider all the information supplied by me, the applicant, in assessing my qualifications for employment.

I understand and agree that my employment is at will

I understand and agree to the following:

1. I understand that all statements on my application are subject to verification and any omissions, incorrect or false statements on this document will be sufficient grounds for separation of employment at any time during my employment.

2. I understand that applicable law insures me the right to reasonable accommodation and that a request for accommodation will not affect my opportunity for employment. I understand that it is my responsibility to make my needs known to the HR Staff of Casino Pauma if I need accommodation for completing an application form, interviewing or any other part of the employment process.

3. At any time during my employment, I may be required to take a hair, blood, urine or saliva test and my refusal may result in my immediate separation of employment.

4. I further understand that any information regarding my criminal or military history will not necessarily disqualify me from the job for which I am initially applying or hired.

5. If I am offered employment, I agree to submit to a pre-employment drug test. If I refuse to be tested or fail to pass the test, I understand that any job offer may be withdrawn.



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